JourneyDance is new to Victoria!

Check out this high energy transformational conscious dance practice!

Each class is a unique journey of movement meditation set to tribal beats and evocative music. Men and women are both welcome, and no previous dance experience is necessary. There are no exact steps to learn, and no right or wrong way to move. Everyone is a dancer, all abilities and ages, all you need is a willing heart and an open mind! There is full freedom for expression and personal creativity in this free form practice.

What is JourneyDance flow?

JourneyDance begins by dancing the earth: slowing down, letting go, feeling grounded.  From the solid, safe place, dance into your sensual, water body: awaking fluidity and loosening the spine.  Then, get funky and free, dance your fiery rhythmic beats, dive into your ocean of emotion and clear your mind of negativity.  Inspire your heart to share its secrets as you come into alignment with your true essence and intuition.  Finally, rest and rejuvenate, feel radiant, embodied, full of joy and gratitude.

Thursdays ongoing from 7-8:15pmsee schedule page for current dates & times Studio Fitness
A new yoga, dance and pilates studio located inside Quadra Sports Club
3946 Quadra St., Victoria B.C., V8X 1J6. (Behind the Keg Restaurant). Free parking!


$14 drop-in and bring a friend for free, $10 students !

How will JourneyDance benefit you?

JourneyDance invites you out of your mind and into your body.  You will feel connected, grounded, energized and renewed.  This holistic fitness practice tones your body and strengthens your core as you sweat away toxins and increase vitality.  We encourage the self-trust, self-approval and divine knowing within every dancer. Open to the joy of life.

See for more information

Journey Dance Vancouver Island Facebook page –

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