Therapeutic Thai Massage

How do you describe Thai Massage?

Thai Massage is an energy based healing system that combines gentle full-body stretching, twisting and traction with targeted acupressure point massage. “It’s like going to a physio appointment, stretching class and receiving a massage all at once.”

Acupressure, joint mobility exercise and guided yoga poses are incorporated to stimulate, rejuvenate and calm the body-being. Each session is customized and tailored to meet your specific needs. This may range from a relaxing, passive, slow massage for stress reduction or an energizing massage including deep work using elbows, feet and knees to apply stronger presses, accompanied by stretching, traction and twists.

What is unique about Thai Massage?

It works on the body’s energy lines, called Sen (meridians) – clearing blockages, returning your body back to a state of non-resistance. When we have tightness or injury, the body contracts and tightens. This can also be thought of as a blockage in the body. Over time, if a blockage is not cleared, it can result in sickness or disease. In Thai, we work the minor sen lines that support the major sen lines to affect the major systems in the body i.e. endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, etc.

Thai Massage works on three levels of healing simultaneously – the physical body (joints, muscles, organs…) the flow of subtle energy through pathways called Sen (meridians) and the realm of heart consciousness (spirit).

All therapeutic massage can be conducted in complement with your GP, naturopath and/or other practitioners to fully support you on your healing journey.

Benefits of Thai Massage:

  • relaxes and energizes body-being simultaneously
  • improves circulation
  • stimulates energy flow
  • relieves muscle tension
  • stimulates nerves
  • aids digestion
  • supports immune system
  • improves range of motion and flexibility
  • centers the mind and body, bringing clarity

What Can I Expect on My First Visit?        

The massage is given while you are fully clothed, usually on a padded mat on the floor, with support pillows and cushions. Sessions usually last 1.5 hours and can be soothing and relaxing, energizing or deeply therapeutic for specific conditions. Ensure your meal is fully digested, and plan for an extra 10 minutes to complete your health form on your first visit. Please wear loose, comfortable stretch wear such as a t-shirt, yoga pants or shorts with minimal pockets or zippers. Please remove jewelry if possible.

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Sarah completed her training in Therapeutic Thai Massage with Nikki Manzie at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC Canada’s only college level Certificate program for Traditional Thai Massage.

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