Yanumoja Yoga

The word Yanumoja has two roots. Yan is a word that refers to channeling and focusing energy through a device or design, usually used in the context of sacred designs such as mandalas or yantras. Umoja is a KiSwahili word that means unity, or to stand united.

Yoga is both an action — as in bringing something together, joining or yoking — and a state of being — being in oneness…

Yanumoja Yoga is the channeling and focusing of energy toward union to culminate in a state of wholeness or oneness.

I have trained as a teacher of Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, as well as Yanumoja yoga. Yanumoja yoga has come from the vision, creativity and experiences of Nikki Manzie as she began to work with people in therapeutic ways in her yoga classes.

In the practice of Yanumoja Yoga, we utilize the exploration of themes of the experience of being human and divine. Through reflection on various concepts combined with breath, movement, visualization, sensory focus, stillness, and meditation we explore the energy, shapes and sensations that describe who we are moment to moment…

Working with Tantric philosophy, we recognize that “What is here is elsewhere; what is not here is no where.” What we find and experience within ourselves is also found in the world around us, and all that we find in nature and through life will also be found within us.

From this place, Yanumoja Yoga holds the intent to harmonize with, embrace and maintain an awareness of our true nature while fully engaging with life. In so doing, we are restored to a state of balance and well-being, and ultimately, we find nirvana, the bliss of simply being who we truly are.  (Nikki Manzie, Three Winds Academy)

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