Conscious Evolver Coaching

Consciousness Coaching

Being conscious and accountable for your personal evolution is a powerful step to take, especially when you’re ready to make positive and impactful change in your life. 

The Conscious Evolver is a self directed healing system that covers eight essential stages which take place in our natural evolution. This system was developed by Bliss Prema in 2012, through a powerful transmission and many nights of writing. She has tested it thoroughly for nearly 10 years, and developed a certified coaching program to accompany the system.

This tool assists you to be conscious of stages of evolutionary growth when you are experiencing them, assisting you in upgrading and evolving states of overwhelm, toxicity, negativity and unhealthy patterns. By having a simple and efficient system to notice and follow, it is deeply comforting to know how to transform these aspects of our lives.

What I love about this system is that it is entirely inclusive of all forms of spiritual and religious beliefs. It is a non-denominational approach to consciousness, that takes into account a connection to your belief systems whether that be God/Goddess, Allah, Higher Self, Spirit, Creator or Source. All of my various practices or the philosophies that I am interested in align with this.

When I am in overwhelm or find my nervous system is deregulating, the Conscious Evolver continually brings me back on track to remember how I can consciously and mindfully move through this process. Over the five years that I have been using this system, it has supported me time and time again. I notice that I move through some stages now in a matter of moments whereas it used to take me days or even months when I first began.

Conscious Evolver Enterprises has launched a new 8 week online course called the Conscious Evolver Immersion. This course is designed to take an aspect of your life through the 8 stages of the Conscious Evolver, and support you to evolve it from a state of overwhelm, stress or negativity to its’ Higher Purpose. You will receive weekly teachings on each stage, The Conscious Evolver manual and activities booklet, a set of inspiring posters, access to a Facebook group community and either one or three coaching sessions (based on your choice of package). For more information on this course, please see

As your Conscious Evolver coach, I use thought provoking questions, a keen sense for identifying patterns and body-centred healing techniques to bring forward your wisdom and insights. I will help you define which aspects you would like to focus on that are related to Love, Lifestyle, Spirit, Career, or Challenges. I will guide you how to use the Conscious Evolver Octagram to evolve this aspect. We will have the opportunity to examine repeating patterns, core wounds, limiting beliefs, and/or traumatic experiences in a safe and empowering manner. We can explore your dreams, desires goals and intentions. It is a time for you to truly be heard, seen, and supported with universal and unconditional love.

Through unlocking the patterns of the past, you will be able to evolve consciously through your life with grace and ease. Empowered with this potent tool, you can consciously map out the new direction in your life with confidence, and be guided towards your own conscious evolution and enlightenment. The Conscious Evolver is designed to support you all throughout your life, no matter what the situation is.

Sessions are currently via Zoom. Coaching packages for 4 sessions are also available.